ASTM Standard
D1412 Test Method for Equilibrium Moisture of Coal at 96 to 97 Percent Relative Humidity and 30°C

ASTM D121-09a Standard Terminology of Coal and Coke. 2014.

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  • equilibrium moisture — n the moisture in a coal sample as determined in accordance with Test Method D1412. D1412 …   Coke&Coal Terminology

  • inherent moisture — n in coal, the moisture that exists as an integral part of the coal in its natural state, including water in pores, but not that present in macroscopically visible fractures. DISCUSSION In coal as it exists in the ground before it is disturbed,… …   Coke&Coal Terminology

  • Stürvis — Stierva Basisdaten Kanton: Graubünden Bezirk: Albula BFS Nr …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • equilibrium moisture basis — n data calculated to the moisture level established as the equilibrium moisture. Numerical values as established by Test Method D1412 are used for the calculation. D3180 …   Coke&Coal Terminology

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